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A new initiative by MPA gives free digital editions of magazines to college students hoping to convert them into magazine readers and to test the viability and popularity of digital delivery. Five publishers are participating in this initiative. Read more

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The Gentleman's Magazine was the first general-interest magazine. It was founded in London by Edward Cave in January, 1731. The original complete title was The Gentleman's Magazine: or, Trader's monthly intelligencer. More>>

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Merrill Lynch report on the state of the newspaper industry does not see online representing over 50% of total newspaper ad revenues until more than 30 years from now.More>>

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    Why Magpie? Because I like observing these sleek birds with a tapering tail. And like Magpies, I live with the burden of being a 'chatter', even though I believe that I am rather shy, reserved and unobtrusive :).

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Download: The Magazine Handbook 2007-2008

    Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) released 2007-2008 edition of The Magazine Handbook last week. You can download the 76-page pdf here.
    The Handbook spotlights magazines’ strong contributions to various advertising categories, including automotive, pharmaceutical and entertainment. The section on magazine reader engagement aggregates the latest third-party research proving that “in an age of interruption, magazines engage.” In addition, the Handbook contains statistics on magazine web portals and reader behavior online.

    Some highlights from the latest Magazine Handbook:
    -Magazines lead in driving web visits and searches
    -Multiple-page ads get higher ad recall
    -Magazines are the most consistent performer across the purchase funnel
    -Magazines boost the power of other media
    -Readers value and respond to magazines regardless of how they acquired the magazine



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