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    Why Magpie? Because I like observing these sleek birds with a tapering tail. And like Magpies, I live with the burden of being a 'chatter', even though I believe that I am rather shy, reserved and unobtrusive :).

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Event: MPA Forum | International - Outsourcing

    The upcoming MPA Forum (September 19) hopes to show outsourcing as a way to reduce costs across all aspects of the media business and has two speakers from India.
    1)Hoshie Ghaswalla, President of CyberMedia, will discuss the fundamentals of outsourcing.
    2) Juhi Bhambal, Executive Editor, Global Services will discuss how she and a team put together a magazine, website, and events from an offshore destination.
    Peter Meirs, Director Alternative Media Technologies, Time Inc., will add his perspective on the changing nature of outsourcing and discuss when outsourcing is not always the solution.

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    India: “Boston, not Bangalore” Campaign (posted November 13, 2006)
    India: Ripe for Magazine Design and Production Outsourcing? (posted March 16, 2007)

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